Hey, I’m Jay.

I’m 31 years old, and work in PR. I live in the UK with my husband Ben. We’ve been together for 10 years and only recently got married.  We have two Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s called Daisy and Loui.

This blog (previously called ‘The Source’) was started by me in 2009 as a place to  talk about my interests and ramblings. It’s been dormant for a long while, until a recent trip inspired me to rediscover it and to use it more; so here we are. I deleted a lot of the old content but left a few of the older posts on here, including my cringeworthy coming out story.

The name JSNBTS is actually my name, missing a few vowels. A bit weird I know but these days you have to go with whatever’s still available!

This is intended to be a place where I talk about life, travel, food and fun, plus lots of other things I’m interested in. I hope you like it.