Hey, I’m Jay.

I’m 30 years old, and work in PR. I live in the UK with my boyfriend of 10 years (soon to be husband), my soon to be mother-in-law and and our two Staffordshire Bull Terrier’s Daisy and Loui.

This blog (previously called ‘The Source’) was started by me in 2009 as a place to  talk about my interests and ramblings. It’s been dormant for a long while, until a recent trip inspired me to rediscover it and to use it more; so here we are. I deleted a lot of the old content but left a few of the older posts on here, including my cringeworthy coming out story.

The name JSNBTS is actually my name, missing a few vowels. A bit weird I know but these days you have to go with whatever’s still available!

This is intended to be a place where I talk about life, travel, food and fun, plus lots of other things I’m interested in. I hope you like it.