It’s the age-old problem facing people everywhere. Starting a diet, all determined to finally make a change. Buying gym kit, because your new life as a gym bunny is about to begin. Kitting the fridge out with fruit, veg and all the salad you can buy. You even start to see results – weight coming off, people starting to compliment your weight loss with that delightful “Have you lost weight?” question.. Only for it all to come crashing down about a month to two months in. Why does this happen? What goes wrong?

Obviously a lot of this has to do with self-determination and dedication. I would usually describe myself as having both of those things, though lately I’m just not so sure. I’ve been subscribing to Slimming World for nearly 5 months now, and I haven’t really been doing it properly for a while. There’s always the “I’ll just have this one bit of cake” here, or the “one packet of crisps won’t hurt” there, which snowballs back into eating whatever I want, when I want and not really caring. Slimming World worked well for me – I nearly lost a stone in the space of a few weeks. Now I’m back to 4lbs less than where I started and I go some weeks without even stepping on the scales, because I feel guilty about what I’ve eaten. It’s like I’ve given up and I don’t care.

But I do care. I want to lose weight. I want to go down a clothes size or two. I want to feel less self-conscious about myself when I’m on the beach. None of these things will happen if I don’t get my arse into gear and sort myself out. Another holiday is coming up, and it’s another occasion where I’ve said “I’m going to lose X amount by the holiday” – of course it’s never really happened. I feel like I go through this vicious cycle every few months and I’m not really sure why, but I do know I need to give myself a pep talk and sort it out. Easier said than done for sure, but I’ve just re-joined the gym (for what is probably about the 6th time), and I’m re-printing off all the slimming world stuff. I’m going to give this ANOTHER go. What have I got to lose? (about three stone!) 🙂

If anyone has any tips on how to break out of the cycle, please let me know!


Written by Jay

I'm a 31 year old PR Exec, married to my husband after 10 years together and dad to a staffie called Loui. Nottingham born and bred.

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