In just under five weeks, I'll be marrying my best friend in the whole world. As cliche as that sounds, it's completely and utterly true.

I first met Ben via MySpace (remember that?). We'd both taken part in one of those really annoying chain-quiz things with 50-odd questions. One of those questions was about whether or not you'd ever been in or owned a hot tub, to which Ben's answer was 'both'. Intrigued, I sent him a message asking about the hot tub, as it wasn't the usual response to that question for a 19 year old living in the UK to give.

It turned out that his dad owned a hot tub shop, which explained things, and we got chatting about other topics – our interests, families, friends, work. After a few weeks we decided to meet up for a drink. Ben drove all the way from Buckinghamshire to where I was living at the time, Woolwich in east London – almost a 2hr journey. We headed in to London and chatted the night away. I'd recently come out of a relationship that hadn't ended well, and didn't feel ready to couple up again so I said I wasn't yet ready for a relationship. A week later I found myself asking him to be my boyfriend.

10 years down the line, we've been through pretty much everything – unemployment, bereavement, illness, money worries – you name it. We've been there for each other through thick and thin, good times and bad, and that's why I know that in just under five weeks time I'm definitely marrying my 'One'.

We share the same interests, humour, outlook on life. We have the same sense of fun and we're both a bit geeky. We love the same TV shows, have similar music tastes and we spend a fortune on gadgets even if we don't really need them. We both love Mexico and that's where we've chosen our honeymoon, even though we've been there for the past few years. To some people this might sound boring, but it suits us.

On 1st September 2017 we'll welcome 40 of our nearest and dearest family and friends to watch us say 'I do' at a venue in London, where it all began.

I'm so excited to start the next chapter in our lives together.

Some people have been asking if we have a gift list and if so where they can find it. We're so grateful for everyone just taking the time to wish us well, but if you would like to contribute to our gift list, we've decided to ask for contributions towards our honeymoon.

To contribute, just visit


Written by Jay

I'm a 31 year old PR Exec, married to my husband after 10 years together and dad to a staffie called Loui. Nottingham born and bred.


  1. What a lovely post. Good luck to you both for the future, and if I don’t get a chance before – have a wonderful time at your wedding.


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