Breakfast in Vegas isn’t something most people see. Sin City is famed for it’s 24/7 culture and when you’re inside one of the what seems like thousands of casinos, you’d be forgiven for not knowing wither it’s mid-day or midnight. This makes breakfast in Vegas a rare occurrence. Maybe it’s only us Brits that wake at the crack of dawn on the first full day of a Vegas trip (thanks 8 hour time difference), craving a fry up. 

Depending on where you’re staying, you may have an on-site buffet, or be close to a selection of 24hr restaurants, but there’s only one place I’ve visited that I’d highly recommend for breakfast. 


Two words that don’t seem, at first read, to go together at all. In fact are they even two separate words? Not only do they make use of the greatest colourscheme ever (Black and Yellow…), they offer some of the best breakfast options I’ve ever seen. 

Nestled away in a small corner of the second floor at The Cosmopolitan, EGGSLUT offers a range of options for those that have woken up hungry. It’s not the cheapest option you’ll ever find, but it’s definitely worth the little extra for the satisfaction you’ll get from eating there. Don’t let the queue put you off – there’s one for a reason! They’ll speedily get to you and take your order with a smile, before rustling it up as quickly as a fresh breakfast with the best ingredients can be. 

EGGSLUT pride themselves on offering the freshest ingredients and best flavours – checkout the menu below and tell me you’re not tempted! I can highly recommend the Bacon, Egg and Cheese…

Asking for a Slut will never get old. It might not be a full English, but it’ll leave you ready to face another day in Sin City and all it has to offer. And if you wake up hungover at 3 in the afternoon – have no fear: EGGSLUT opens til 4pm.


Written by Jay

I'm a 31 year old PR Exec, married to my husband after 10 years together and dad to a staffie called Loui. Nottingham born and bred.

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