As we’re coming up to the end of the year I thought I’d re-cap what an awful period of time it has been.

Actually, I tell a lie – it’s only been the last part that has been awful, and that’s because I’ve been out of work since the end of September and have been slowly getting more and more depressed about it. The one thing I guess that’s kept me strong is Ben – if it wasn’t for him being there for me I don’t know what I would have done or where I would have ended up.

See, the annoying thing about working in television is the fact that everybody is ‘freelance’ – meaning that people flit round from contract to contract and are constantly in a state of worry as to where the next job will come from. This has been fine for the past 4 years for me – I’ve been very lucky and I’ve only been out of work for a few weeks at the most, but for some reason, the end of this year is like someone has just turned the TV Job tap off in London, and re-routed the pipes to Glasgow.

Now I’m sure Glasgow is a lovely city (although after visiting once I can’t say I’m that keen to go back right away), but I’m simply not willing to up sticks and re-locate there just so I can carry on working in my dream job. The time has come where I want to start getting serious about my life, where I’m going, what I’m going to do and who I want to do it with.

I want to settle down, buy a home, have a car, a dog, a husband… and TV simply doesn’t allow that sort of lifestyle anymore.

For the past month I have been looking at alternative careers within the media – I tried magazines, administration etc., but it wasn’t really working for me.

And then I stumbled across the Virgin Atlantic job site (I was actually pricing up flights – ya know, for when I actually have a wage coming in again), where I applied for a Customer Service role.

I have already passed the first stage, and I have now have been invited to an assessment day on the 7th January 2010 – which I’m both nervous and excited about. This could be my chance to escape the world of television and actually have a permanent job again, with benefits – and a pension scheme!

The past year has definitely been a long one, and one in which I’ve realised I need to get my priorities in order. Hopefully 2010 will bring great news and will be the start of the next chapter in my life.

Stay tuned!…


Written by Jay

I'm a 31 year old PR Exec, married to my husband after 10 years together and dad to a staffie called Loui. Nottingham born and bred.


  1. Fingers crossed for you Jason, I too have had a pretty rough ride TV wise 2009 and am looking to do exactly the same thing myself. Hope everything goes ok on the 7th – I shall keep checking back for updates! x


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